About Us

Aid & Abet started in 2006 as a tour management and publicity collective. In 2016, we began focusing on event planning and production for the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Find out more about what specific services we offer and clients we work with here.


  • Jen Angel

    Jen Angel

    Jen Angel started Aid & Abet in 2006. In a former life, Jen was the co-founder and publisher of Clamor Magazine, along with her friend Jason Kucsma. She wrote a pamphlet about it geared toward strengthening left institutions, called Become the Media: A Critical History of Clamor Magazine (PM Press 2008).  She lives in Berkeley, CA and also makes cupcakes for Angel Cakes and works with the anarchist project Agency. Follow Jen on Twitter. Her expanded bio is here.

  • Annie McShiras

    Annie McShiras

    Annie McShiras is a freelance fundraiser, event planner, and researcher/writer/editor. Passionate about all things co-op, Annie has been organizing and promoting movements for economic justice, the solidarity economy, and systems change for the past ten years. Annie has worked in organizations on issues ranging from worker cooperative development to homelessness prevention to impact investing; in Vermont, California, and NYC; wearing director, producer, fundraiser, and manager hats. She has a demonstrated ability in creating partnerships that result in fundraising (events, donations, and grants), volunteer support of organizations, and alliances. She has organized, managed, and produced events featuring luminaries including Joseph Stiglitz, Bill McKibben, Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman, Michael Tubbs, and Mia Birdsong.