Get Noticed! How to Publicize Your Book or Film

Get Noticed!

Get Noticed! How to Publicize Your Book or Film is your DIY guide to promoting your project. Written by Jen Angel, Matt Dineen, and Justine Johnson, this 50+ page booklet covers everything from writing your press materials to using social media and pitching reporters at independent and mainstream media outlets.

There are sections on organizing events, getting your project into libraries, and connecting with activist groups and organizations. Designed for authors and filmmakers who have self-published their projects or anyone working with a small press or film house, Get Noticed! is full of tips to make your project a success. With a particular focus on progressive and radical left projects, this pamphlet contains valuable advice for authors and filmmakers no matter what size your budget is.

Praise for Get Noticed:

"What Aid & Abet has created is a thoughtful and practical guide for creatives to learn the ropes of publicizing their own work. Especially in an age where independent production is thriving, and little support comes from traditional outlets, this booklet is a must-have resource for every producer." Deanna Zandt, author of Share This! How You Will Change The World Through Social Networking

"Straight forward and practical information from the hard-working folks at Aid & Abet, Get Noticed! is full of indispensable information and ideas for self-determined writers and filmmakers. Comprehensive knowledge-sharing from cultural workers at the top of their game." Ramor Ryan, author of Clandestines

"Get Noticed! Is an incredible tool for publicizing writing and art projects. The authors break down the dos and don'ts of publicity and make it all seem totally manageable. It is so clear and direct, I found myself taking notes and having more than one 'ohhh' moment. This little pamphlet has a huge effect. The only problem with it is it might do away with publicists." Marina Sitrin, author of Horizontalism

"Get Noticed is a toolbox full of great advice, presented in a straighforward, accesible, manner. Self-promotion can feel intimidating and overwhelming, but the Aid and Abet crew will demystify the process and guide you through it step by step." Lisa Jervis, author of Cook Food

"Doing It Oneself (DIY) is often the way to go. Hands on, cost-effective, direct. Having a wonderful primer, to ensure that one isn't doing it bumbling around in the dark, getting frustrated and feeling ever more impotent and powerless, is even better! Don't be fooled by the relatively slim size. Every page is packed with hard-earned wisdom, tips, examples, and pointers. If we're going to build the road as we travel, it always helps to not only have the right tools, but to head on out there in style…and have some idea of where we're going, and what we'd like when we get there." Ramsey Kanaan, PM Press

You've put a lot of hard work into your book or film — make sure people know about it!

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