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  • Leslie James Pickering & If A Tree Falls - Campus Speaking Tour 2013-2014

    Posted Wednesday September 4th 2013 by Jen Angel

    In 2011, the documentary film If A Tree Falls: The Story of the Earth Liberation Front told the story of the ELF and their prosecution by law enforcement. The film was nominated for an Academy Award in 2012 and has been widely acclaimed — critics have lauded it as "brilliant," "engrossing," and "compelling." (Jen wrote a review of the film on her personal blog here.) […] Keep reading
  • The Brandon Darby Story: “Informant” to be released September 13

    Posted Monday August 26th 2013 by Jen Angel

    On September 13, Music Box Films will release Jamie Metzler's film "Informant" in select theaters and through video streaming services. We are working with Music Box to promote this film, because we want activists to see it. For those of you not familiar with Brandon Darby, the film centers on the transformation of Darby from a radical activist to an FBI enformant.  In 2008, it […] Keep reading
  • What’s Wrong with Food Banks? “The Stop” By Nick Saul and Andrea Curtis

    Posted Saturday July 20th 2013 by Jen Angel

    Right now we're working on a book tour for Nick Saul and Andrea Curtis's new book, "The Stop: How the Fight for Good Food Transformed a Community and Inspired a Movement," which details the transformation of a Canadian food bank into a community food center - and is a much needed critique to the way that North Americans think of food, poverty, and change. It […] Keep reading
  • Tips for Speakers and Workshop Presenters: Negotiating an Honorarium

    Posted Friday July 5th 2013 by Jen Angel

    This is a basic how-to on our approach to negotiating honorariums with universities and community groups, and is geared toward speakers and presenters who are organizing their own events or tours. This guide does not cover how to find or cultivate contacts, how best to organize a tour, or how to promote your event. Those and other free or low-cost resources on publicity, tour booking, […] Keep reading
  • Sharing Our Stories: Exhale Tour to Build a Pro-Voice Movement

    Posted Friday March 15th 2013 by Isaac Lev

    This February, Exhale, an Oakland-based nonprofit organization craeted by and for women who have had abortions, hit the road to build a Pro-Voice Movement with students around the country on their Sharing Our Stories Tour. The tour visited 13 schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Chicaco and Milwaukee, connecting to over 400 students. Most known for their national, multilingual after-abortion talk […] Keep reading
  • Bay Area Radical history Project Kicks off February 28 at The Holdout

    Posted Monday February 11th 2013 by Jen Angel

    We'll be partnering with The Holdout, an Oakland social center, to promote a series of events exploring local radical history. It probably goes without saying that knowing the history of where you are is important. Our second, but equally as important goal (and the goal of much of our work!) is to move things off of the Internet, and create contexts where people are encouraged […] Keep reading
  • The Right Profile: Trevor Aaronson Booking Spring Dates on FBI Targeting of Muslim Communities

    Posted Thursday December 6th 2012 by Mike McKee

    After exposing the FBI's "manufactured war on terrorism" in his award-winning 2011 Mother Jones article, "The Informants", Trevor Aaronson has continued to explore the troubling policy of surveillance and entrapment directed at law-abiding Muslim communities. His new book, The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI's Manufactured War on Terrorism (Ig Publishing, January 2013), investigates how the FBI has, under the guise of engaging in counterterrorism since 9/11, built a […] Keep reading
  • Urban Farming is Not a Crime: Get the Dirt on Novella Carpenter

    Posted Tuesday November 20th 2012 by Mike McKee

    While the Bay Area garnered headlines throughout the 1990s as an epicenter of unconventional food distribution thanks to Food Not Bombs, in more recent years, the focus has shifted to unconventional food production--or, perhaps, it's more accurate to say hyper-conventional food production. That's right, getting your food the old fashioned way: growing it. Few in the movement have emerged as prolific, outspoken and recognized a […] Keep reading
  • Building a Pro-Voice Movement: Exhale Tour on Abortion Stories

    Posted Monday November 12th 2012 by Isaac Lev

      This February Exhale, an Oakland-based organization created by and for women who have had abortions, will set out on college campuses to connect with students, professors, and health staff to transform culture around abortion from one of stigma and shame to one of support and respect.    These women have shared their stories publicly on MTV, the BBC, and New York Times, and will be traveling across […] Keep reading
  • Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair 2013: March 16-17

    Posted Monday November 5th 2012 by Jen Angel

    When I lived in Ohio, every couple of years I would travel to San Francisco to go to the Anarchist Book Fair. Coming from a region where there weren't very many political bookstores or spaces, it was awesome to be able to see all the people and books and things that I could only look at over the Internet, all in one place. These kind […] Keep reading