New Titles from New Internationalist Press

Posted Monday June 30th 2014 by Mike McKee

For more than four decades, the UK-based New Internationalist magazine has produced radical content in a not-for-profit operating model. More recently, the cooperative has garnered notoriety for its publishing of books. This month we want to let you know about two New Internationalist titles dealing with environmental activism and economic justice.

Rainbow Warriors: Legendary Stories from Greenpeace Ships stands apart from other books documenting the organization's maritime campaigns, covering the full-range of GP's history at sea, copious images, charts and maps from Greenpeace's own collection, and combining the author's real-life adventures on the high seas with the front-lines of environmental justice. 

By turns an adventure-at-sea memoir and an incendiary wake-up call from the vanguard of the environmental movement, Rainbow Warriors combines eye-opening figures with personal stories from author Maite Mompo, a Greenpeace activist for more than 10 years. Spending half her year at sea, Maite has sailed from pole to pole, taken part in numerous actions putting herself ‘between the harpoon and the whale’. Who better, then, to reveal what life is like on board some of the world’s most famous ships? 

Back on land, longtime editor of New Internationalist magazine, Richard Swift has released SOS Alternatives to Capitalism. Challenging the assumption that there is no viable alternative—and this despite global financial crises, ecological devastation and inequality--Swift —(No Nonsense Guide to Democracy) skillfully outlines the past shortcomings and vibrant health of alternative examples today, ranging from socialism, social democracy, anarchism, ecology and degrowth. By picking a way through the thickets of resistant thinking, Swift teases out the implications of these opportunities for progressive change that rest less on rigid ideology imposed from above than on practical transformation. 

Both Mompo and Swift are available for interviews. Contact Mike to speak with either author about their work.