This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement

Posted Saturday November 19th 2011 by Jen Angel

With the Occupy movement being just over two months old, Yes Magazine has come out with the first substantive book! Called This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement, the book includes original/exclusive material as well as some of the best existing pieces on where this movement came from, what it means, and where it is going.

Along with new and rising voices, this collection includes writing from movement supporters like Naomi Klein, David Korten, David Graeber, Rebecca Solnit, Chuck Collins, Marina Sitrin, and Ralph Nader. You can read excerpts and the table of contents on Yes's site, here.

I've been working with a team of great media people to get the word out about the book, which has been no small feat because the book just came on November 17! I think this is the quickest turn around I have ever seen for a book. There are already some great mentions, including this review in The Daily Beast, Library Journal, and Grist.

If you're interested in a review copy of the book or in interviewing one of the contributors, please contact me.