Whether you just need to rent a small speaker for a press conference or wedding, or need turn-key audio-visual support for your event - we provide a wide range of services. We can provide production management services for any size and type of event - assessing your needs, building a plan, managing staff, and interfacing with vendors to ensure a smooth event. And we maintain a small inventory of professional A/V equipment in-house -  geared towards smaller events such as marches, rallies, press conferences, weddings, parties, DJ events, lectures, community movies screenings, street fairs and more.


Let us know what type of event you are planning, and we can help work with any size budget to find a solution. Our inventory includes:


  • Professional PA speakers from JBL and QSC.
  • Mixing boards (analog and digital)
  • Wireless microphone systems 
  • Press splitters ("mult boxes")

  • Video projectors and screens
  • Solar-powered generators (up to 3,000 watts)


If you have a grassroots social justice event, we can often provide sound equipment on a sliding scale (even free) basis. We specialize in easy-to-operate, portable, high-quality sound systems that can cover marches or rallies up to several thousand people.  Visit our Grassroots Support Fund for more info